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Tiny House Lab Plans and Online Workshops (coming soon) are great for both novices and experienced builders. Anyone who is interested in Tiny Houses can enjoy our exhibit and workshops.

Our mission:
To support Tiny House builders in the creation of quick, affordable, and sustainable Tiny Houses.

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Tiny House Labs


Shipping containers are ideal for a quick build out. Here’s why: One container is a complete shell (trailer frame, floor, walls, and roof). If you upgrade to a refrigerated shipping container, you get insulation and interior sheeting in the deal. If you had to build the shell of your tiny house out of studs and sheeting, it could take many more months, materials and money. Within each step of the build, we have inserted time saving tricks designed to aid the quick build your tiny house.


Container architecture is affordable. Steel 20ft shipping containers sell for $1850 apiece plus hauling. $2850 buys a refrigerated 20ft shipping container plus delivery. Comparably, it is hard to find a good tiny house trailer for less than $3000. Shipping containers offer both a tiny house shell and trailer for the price of only a trailer. We have devised similar price saving strategies for each tiny house and container system.


The shipping container is a repurposed material with a small environmental footprint (see attached article). The most environmentally friendly option is a refrigerated shipping container because you can buy a complete frame with insulation. Within every fit and finish, we consider the cost to our environment.

We are teaching skills and techniques for accomplishing your container building goals.

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Our Directors

Jessica and Troy fell in love with tiny houses and container architecture fifteen years ago when pondering their first home together. Their interest sprouted from a shared passion for design, affordability, and sustainability. They finally took the plunge and used a forty-eight foot “reefer” (a refrigerated container) to build a shipping container tiny house in 2009. Through the process of building and maintaining their tiny house, they learned a great deal and are excited to share this knowledge with all who aspire to build their own tiny house.

Troy Rosslow
Troy RosslowDesigner & Founder
Troy is a creative builder/remodeler who loves to design spaces sustainably. He believes that tiny houses and shipping container architecture need a remodeler’s sense of design and that it is important to accept the confines of a container’s building blocks by honoring its shape and dimensions. Central questions for Troy are; “How do I cut fewer walls?” And; “How do I make the most of the space?”
Jessica Goldberg
Jessica GoldbergDecorator & Business Manager
Jessica is a passionate social worker and naturally talented interior decorator. Her superpower is innate ability to turn a house into a home quickly and affordably.