Shipping Container
Tiny House Experience

We have taken down our last Exhibit!

But don’t despair we are working on a new updated traveling exhibit in a 20 foot container. (Coming In Spring 2022)


Shipping Containers Through Time

Visitors will be able to explore the history of Shipping Containers and Shipping Container Architecture. Our timeline will begin at the origins of the modern shipping container and the first patents for shipping container architecture. Then exhibit will showcase revolutionary shipping container buildings and finish with local shipping container projects.



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Local Shipping Container Buildings

Discover all the great local shipping container builders and their bold shipping container buildings.

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Shipping Container Affordable Housing

Visitors will explore Shipping Containers as a solution to our Affordable housing crisis. The Display will explore costs, several designs, and populations in need of affordable housing.

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Shipping Container Building Designs

Visitors will be educated Shipping Container Design Considerations and give them a chance to experiment with different Shipping Container Home Designs. After learning the basics, we want you design & build your own shipping container house out of 3d printed lego shipping containers.

Coming Soon

Shipping Container Wall Construction Samples

Visitors can see first hand how walls are constructed in shipping container houses. Come explore 3 different ways to build with shipping containers. Each sample wall will explore best practice, cost, and R-value study. This exhibit is designed to educate participants about how to build with shipping containers while taking maximum advantage of shipping container unique material attributes

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Shipping Container Furniture

Visitors will get to explore, touch and use shipping containers scraps repurposed into furniture. Come see the bar, table, and chairs built out repurposed shipping container parts

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